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Find all of your favorite Kingdom Series & Knights of Arrethtrae products here!

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The Kingdom Series

A medieval allegory of the entire Bible, full of action and adventure, in which swords, knights, and battles are used to proclaim the Truth. No magic or mysticism.

Knights of Arrethtrae

Six stories of knights who are given missions to take the story of the Prince to the far reaches of the kingdom while destroying the established strongholds of the evil Dark Knight.

The Starlore Legacy

A science fiction Biblical allegory that chronicles the history of the Aurora galaxy. This is a multi-generational action/adventure series designed to encourage faith in God.

Other Merchandise

 Posters, pendants, calendars, and MORE!



Buy the soundtracks from the Kingdom Series and the Knights of Arrethtrae Audio Books right here! And don’t forget to check out CDs by Emily Black!

Love the music and want to play the songs on your own? Purchase the Kingdom Series Music Book!

Knight’s Clothing

Want to wear the Knight’s crest wherever you go? Check out our Knight of the Prince T-shirts. We have black shirts and gray shirts with adult sized shirts and child sized shirts!

Call to Arms & Other Family Building Books

Read Chuck Black’s new book for dads!  

Chuck Black gives all dads a handy training pocket guide to take to the fight. Don’t go into battle without it!”

Or check out The Three Weavers Plus Companion Guide for fathers and daughters to form a bond while comfortably discussing purity.

Don’t worry, moms, we didn’t forget you and the young ones! Read our children’s book, The Love That is True, or get some godly parenting advice in the book How to Train Up a Child.

Unabridged Audio Drama Books

Our audio drama books are great for family road trips or reluctant readers. We hired a professional voice acting team from England to bring the characters of all twelve books alive. The English accents give the audios an authentic feel and we’ve also added sound effects and an original musical score for each of the books.

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