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Honorable Mention 2016 Art Contest

Ella Koster

“Lair of the Tarmuwth”

 ~Age 6 to 11 Category ~

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Amy Shick

“The Temptation”

 ~Age 12 to 15 Category ~

Sarah Booy

“A Warrior’s Hope Restored”

Emma Koster

“Eirwyn, Maiden of Courage”

 ~Age 16 & Up Category ~

Tessa Just

“The Alchemist”

Abigail Yule

“The Yagormoth - Sir Bentley”

Elsy Shick

“Gift of Translation”

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Kayleyana Anderson

“Lady Carliss Through the Eyes of a Silent Warrior”

Breanna Landers

“Truth Revealed”

Eva Richterkessing

“The Final Stand”