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Congratulations to all contestants on a job well done!


Allison McGill

“The Alchemist” - Click

Toby Just Sir Bentley

“More Than a Commoner” - Click

Rebecca Peterson

“No Turning Back” -  Click

Lindy Nelson

“Salina's Request” - Click

Elijah Perry

“Kingdom's Hope, Camelot Years” -  Click

Samuel Brotherton

“The Shadow of a Heart” - Click

Sarah Booy

“A Scarred Heart” -  Click

Cecelia Schmidt

“Kingdom's Quest - The Executioner” - Click

Catherine Anderson

“Rise of the Shadow” - Click

Anita Seavey

“Kei's Temptation” - Click

Josiah Patten

“Transformed” -  Click

Rebekah Perry

“Sir Quinlan: Gathering of Swords” -  Click

Jonathan Bryant

“Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue” -  Click

Noah Prail

“A Rebellion Born” - Click

Ethan Wright

“Escape and Evasion” -  Click

Joshua Fowler

“The Conquest of Cameria” - Click



Nathaniel Mervar

“Chessington's Promise” -  Click

Elias Torkelson

“Cloak of the Light School Shooting” -  Click

Tessa Just

“Talea!” - Click

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