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Congratulations to all contestants on a job well done!


Adin Spencer

“The Capture” -  click

Asher Allen “

The Encounter” -  click

Noah Prail

“The Alchemist” - click

Catherine Anderson

“A Desperate Attempt” - click

Claire Koch

“The Esca Lizard” - click

Noah Schumacher

“A Reluctant Hunt” - click

Rebecca Peterson

“The Foolish Endeavor” - click  

Samuel Brotherton

“The Cloak of Pride” - click

Keith P. Seary

“A Change of Heart” -  click  

Micah Gerber

“The Final Encounter” - click

David Dyte

“Cloak of the Light” -  click

Emily Brandyberry

“Remember Who You Serve” - click

Faith Prange

“Ancient Enemies” - click

Ethan Wright

“Sir Bentley: Marauders in Pursuit” - click

Anita Seavey

“Search for the Swamp Lily” - click

Michailia Massong

“The Beginning” - click

Isaac Funderburk

“Cloak of the Light”  - click

Joshua Fowler

“Sir Bentley: The Chase” - click

Moriah Jewett

“The Alchemist” - click



Elias Torkelson

“Bentley vs. Brafe” - click

Nathaniel Mervar

“The Prince” - click

Isaac Smith

“The Challenge” - click

Tessa Just

“Attenbury" - click

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