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Congratulations to all contestants on a job well done!


1. Jubilee Miller The Resolutes

2. Rachael Morton Draw Your Sword

3. Ashley Wright Ashley Wright’s KOA Video

4. Aislinn Sinnamon The Hard Truth

5. Rebekah Tittle Lady Carliss

6. Keegan Pulz KOA: The Prison of Distazo

7. Rebecca Peterson Lady Carliss, A Step into Destiny

8. Adin Spencer The Piercing Shadow

9. Asher Allen The Gathering of Swords

10. Riley Burks Sir Quinlan and the Sword of Valor

11. Ryan Grzesiak Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart

12. Nicole Elliott A Friend and a Foe

13. Jessica Vassar Lady Carliss and the Unexpected Chase

14. Kelly Just Sir Bentley: A Seed is Sown

15. Bethany Haggerott Brought to Light

16. Phebe Asher Lady Carliss: The “Preditor”

17. Jac Carlson A Glint of the Dark

18. Keith Seary Into the Collector’s Hands

19. Madison Leake Morning Star

20. Elijah McKenna Words from the Dark

21. Noah Schumacher The Mercy Maiden

22. Michaela Crawford Betrayal

23. Faith Prange Lady Carliss -Northern Journey

24. David Dyte Captivity-Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart

25. Rebekah Grady Lady Carliss-Escape from Despon Swamp

26. Michael Esslinger Sir Kendrick Scene

27. Emma Pond Lady Carliss and the Freedom of Peace

28. Emma Koster Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue

Mail In


A. Nathaniel Mervar The Battle of Bel Lione

B. Isaac Smith Redemption

C. Tessa Just A Ride to Varlaken

D. Catherine Anderson The Confrontation

E. Thomas Land Lego Lady Carliss Movie

F. Kyra Holt Loyalty’s Courage

G. Max Rosen Sir Rowan- Armor of the King

H. Austin Swartzendruber The Medalian

I. Caleb Pennington Sir Bentley-Attack of the Yagamoth

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