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Music The Kingdom Series & Knights of Arrethtrae  Music Book Composed and Performed  By Emily Elizabeth Black  27 Scored Songs, 104 Pages, Music  CD Included! (all 27 songs recorded)

List of Songs:

1. The Dawn           

2. Expedition          

3. Tess’s Theme   

4. Discovery          

5. Leinad and Tess

6. Apprehension     

7. Deliverance  

8. The River

9. Keanna’s Theme      

10. Epic Journey

11. Ballad of the Prince

12. Reign of the King

13. Winds of the Sea

14. Winds of Arrethtrae

15. Call to Courage

16. Intrepid Endeavor

17. Eirwyn

18. The Gardener

19. The Shadow Heart

20. Si Kon’s Story

21. The Way of the Wise

22. Journey to the Moorue

23. An Agonizing Choice

24. Ride of the Valiant

25. Swords of Valor No More

26. The Final Call

27. Song in the Dark

The Kingdom Series & Knights of Arrethtrae  Series Audio Book Music Soundtracks Only $18.95

A collection of original music written and performed by Emily Elizabeth Black, these CDs contain full-length selected pieces from all twelve of the Kingdom Series and Knights of Arrethtrae Audio Book Dramas. The soundtracks are a chronological instrumental tour through the series story. The twelve notated songs found in the back of the printed books are also included!

Click here to view titles and listen to excerpts from the songs!                      Kingdom Series                  Knights of Arrethtrae

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